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Sunday Woman is the luxury lifestyle magazine for real women, for women juggling parenting and a career, for women who have children but still love to socialise. For women that still consider a sex life to be an important part of the day to day and for women that know their own minds. Whether you’re 18 or 80 you’ll find something to love about Sunday Woman, from our agony aunt column to work tips and advice, to parenting discussions and beauty, we have something for everyone. We’ve even thrown in a bit of travel, cookery and fitness too.

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  • Relaxed Sunday Woman
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Which Sunday Woman Are You?

Every Topic, Written by Real Professionals for Your Convenience

Our luxury lifestyle magazine has many award winning authors, from real life celebrities to Olympic athletes, celebrity chefs to incredible business women and psychologists. Our health pages are packed full of information from doctors, nurses and aesthetic clinics ensuring you receive reliable advice you can count on.

A Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for All Women

Even though we celebrate success and successful women, our readers span all areas, from those working from home to stay at home mums, single parents to ladies who lunch. All of us have one thing in common, we need five minutes peace occasionally, we need to give ourselves more treats and we need to put ourselves first. That’s what you can do here at Sunday Woman.

Please do join the conversation on Facebook, connect with us on Twitter and seek out our magazine editor too. For product reviews, guest posts and news, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It’s your Sunday Woman and we make it for you so tell us what we can do to make your luxury lifestyle magazine better for you!