Product Reviews T&Cs

We do have some simple terms and conditions for our product reviews which make the process simpler for those involved. Please do read these before sending a product as wires can become crossed.

Here’s the awkward bit:

We don’t test loan products. This is for a variety of reasons.

  1. We have tested products too rigorously in the past and have been stung with a rather large invoice. We can’t be held accountable if something breaks while in the testing phase, or in transit. For this reason we find it much easier to decline loan products for review.
  2. We spend a lot of time on our product reviews and don’t charge a single penny to the manufacturer or retailer for conducting these. If we did, it would be you who received the invoice. Please do bear this in mind. Our time is not worthless. We communicate directly with you, we spend time reviewing the product and we spend time writing the review, sourcing images and opinions. We have no minimum value for products to review, you can send products worth £1 or £1000, we give every product the same attention to detail. Please don’t insult us by asking for returns, becoming irate if the review isn’t as quick as you’d like, or asking for links to the product which would cost hundreds in advertising.
  3. We have pages and spots for advertising. These are paid posts. Please do get in touch with the advertisement teamif you think this is a better match than a product review.
  4. As we don’t charge for reviews, we don’t have the time to spend returning products.

We can’t guarantee inclusion due to a number of reasons.

  1. We don’t like to post negative reviews, unless we think it’s really in the reader’s best interest to stay well away from a product. Our readers like to find good value products in a variety of sectors that they can buy with confidence. They come here for the positive nature. If we feel your product doesn’t offer great value or doesn’t tick all the boxes of being a good product to recommend, we won’t feature it. Please don’t make us say this out loud. It’s awkward for both of us.
  2. We spend our own time conducting product reviews and charge absolutely nothing for the process. We receive a lot of products to review and if yours wasn’t memorable it could slip through the net. Please do remind us, gently, in this instance.
  3. Sometimes we encounter PR companies or people that are just plain rude. It’s our prerogative to withhold a review if we don’t look forward to communicating with these people for the necessary information needed to promote a product.

Let’s be honest here. By submitting a product to review, you’re essentially asking for free advertising. We donate most of the products after we’ve reviewed them. We still love to review products and love finding out first what’s on the market. It is important though, that those submitting understand the work we put into these and try not to insult us by hounding us or demanding special treatment.

Now the horrible part is over, let’s review your product. We’re really looking forward to showing our readers what you’ve got and making them aware of the new products on the market this season!

Ways to Submit a Product for Review

We review products in a variety of ways. To submit your product please email, in the first instance, editor at sundaywoman dot com or use our contact form.

Your product will be reviewed as part of a feature within the magazine, this could be an article, a top tips guide or one of our very popular gift guides.

The product categories we cover include:

Home and Garden:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Garden Furniture
  • Textiles and Rugs
  • Artwork
  • Home Appliances
  • Tools and DIY


  • Treatments – Aesthetic and Cosmetic plus Spas
  • Cosmetics and Make Up
  • Skincare and Haircare
  • Experiences

Children and Teens

  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor Toys
  • Clothes
  • Accessories



Food and Drink

Events and Parties

Hotels and Holidays

If you would like us to review your hotel, holiday provider or self catering accommodation please do get in touch. We often review many holiday companies, hotels and cottages for our pages and hotel awards.