The Best UK Luxury Hotels

We regularly travel the UK on business which makes us ideal reviewers of luxury hotels up and down the country. Previously in print The Best UK Hotels Guide has been very popular with our readers as we give that little extra detail.

Every year we travel up and down the country visiting the best UK hotels. We land where the pin takes us, and select destinations based on activities and days out in the area.

We’ve now visited over 100 of the best UK hotels, we strongly believe that the UK is still the best place to enjoy a holiday. There is so much to do, to see, to explore, and despite being small, we always find something new to adore.

We’ve visited Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, Shropshire, Wales, Scotland, Merseyside, London, Kent, Lancashire, Cumbria and used AirBnB, stayed on holiday parks and spent many nights in the best UK hotels. Travelling for business and as a family, we believe we bring you the best hotels the UK has to offer.

Every year we hold our hotel awards. We have our London hotel awards, our Southwest hotel awards and our UK hotel awards. Any accommodation can enter, as we’ve celebrated many holiday lets, from quaint cottages to penthouses and luxury apartments.

Once or twice a year we choose a destination abroad and select two or three hotels to review during our stay. We’ve visited France, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Italy and Tunisia, and will be soon visiting the USA.

Please do get in touch if you have family or business hotels or accommodation you would like us to review. You will automatically be entered into our hotel awards and your place will be featured heavily within our pages.

Take a look at past winners of the South west hotel awards, our London hotel awards and our clinic and spa awards.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are a reader and would like us to review a south west hotel, cottage or apartment, or a London hotel before you visit, please get in touch. The chances are, they’re already on our list, however we don’t promote those we were less than impressed with! Only positive reviews make it to the pages of Sunday Woman Magazine.