Guest Blogger Guidelines for Sunday Woman

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming an Expert Guest Blogger for Sunday Woman. We are really excited to have you on board.

Although we love to publish any articles that our readers will find fascinating, there are a few stipulations to bear in mind. These are in place to ensure Sunday Woman  maintains its reputation as an entertaining, informative magazine for women aged 26- 50 that still have a zest for life and a sense of their own identity. Consider career women, parents, but those that still enjoy sex, fine food and the little luxuries of living.  We’re sure you’ll agree that articles filled with promotional materials, stuffed with keywords or overloaded with links are not beneficial to either of us.

You need people to read your articles all the way through while we want to deliver the best in consumer media.

The Benefits of Becoming a Guest Blogger

There are many benefits of becoming a guest blogger with Sunday Woman as you’ll already be aware.

For instance you receive:

  • A wide audience that are already waiting to read what you have to offer
  • A badge for your site to show you are a verified, respected expert blogger of Sunday Woman

Guest Blogger Guidelines

Of course, we have guidelines for posts that we would like you to follow, these are:

  • No promotional links in a post. If you’d like to publish a post for SEO purposes please see our advertising ratesfor guest posts.
  • No sales or promotional content, if you do publish a press release please make sure it is news and not a sales piece
  • No calls to action
  • No profanities ( we do understand that our readers are adults and when giving sex advice there may be cursing or the potential to offend, please relax, we will edit anything we think may be a bit too much. We’d rather you wrote without worrying about offence, as honesty is one of the attributes of Sunday Woman, we answer those questions many are afraid to ask!)
  • No bad grammar or spelling
  • No mention of other companies without their permission
  • Every post must have at least one image
  • Every post should have a featured image or video

We do reserve the right to withhold any article or post if we do not feel it is a good fit for our audience. We also reserve the right to delete posts if we consider them to be of poor quality or overly promotional.

Any guest blogger that consistently submits poor quality content that doesn’t meet our guidelines will be removed from the site.

We only accept Guest Bloggers that have a proven history of creating great content online.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are promoting a product on Sunday Woman within your posts, you first need to send the product to the Sunday Woman offices to be reviewed, so we can give it our official seal of approval. We won’t publish any articles mentioning products that don’t hold this badge.

Your Profile

We allow one link in your profile and you can really sell yourself or your business here. We would urge you to use a good profile photo, even your logo, so we can promote your articles confident that they’re visually attractive.

How to Become a Guest Blogger

To start publishing your content on Sunday Woman, simply email editor at sundaywoman dot com.

You’ll then be able to fill in your profile and start publishing. Although we are quite relaxed, please don’t mistake this as complacency as only the highest quality brands, experts and publishers earn the right to share their news, tips and advice on Sunday Woman.

Welcome to a whole new audience, welcome to Sunday Woman